When: Wednesday, February 14 (during our regular practice time)

What: Optional classic time trial to help us seed skiers for the 2024 BKL Festival - optional (but encouraged, especially for those skiers attending the festival) and open to all. And FUN!

Who: All EMXC Youth skiers are welcome to participate. Skiers who will attend the 2024 BKL Festival are encouraged

How: No need to register! Just come.

When: During Wednesday's regular practice time

Guess what? We'll have a special Valentine's Day treat for our racers

Share the love: Parents, we need your help to run this event. Volunteer here.


What if my child doesn't want to participate in the Time Trial?

No worries. It's optional. No pressure.

Will there be a regular practice on Wed Feb 14?

Yes, once the Time Trial is over we'll have a regular (but slightly shorter) practice