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Saturday 2/4

Saturday 2/4

Saturday Practice: wind chill forecast for 8am is -23F. North America and Western Europe practice cancelled. Scandinavia - skate. All exposed skin must be covered, see email. Don't wear earrings as metal is a great thermal conductor.

Carnival is coming Saturday February 11th! Sign up for Sprints Races here and please volunteer.

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Chasing snow

Chasing snow

Congrats to all the EMXC skiers who participated in the EHS/U16 Qualifiers at Notchview this past weekend. It feels like we have truly been chasing snow this year, and the positive attitudes, flexibility, and full focus of all our athletes and families really made for a fun day. Now get bundled up for a cold weekend and a day of adventure and racing on Sunday at Quarry Road Trails!

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