These words best describe EMXC Youth. Our club also encourages inclusivity and fair play and offers both a racing (fast) and recreational (non-racing) program. EMXC Youth introduces young skiers to the joys of cross-country skiing through our program of coaching with a low skier to coach ratio and instruction methods developed for young skiers. Cross-country skiing is a low-impact sport and is great cross-training for runners, soccer players, and other young athletes! No prior cross-country skiing experience is necessary.

New Families should start with our Youth Essentials page.

Skiers join one of three regions based on their age, experience, and interest.

Everyone meets on Saturday mornings at the Weston Ski Track (Leo J. Martin Golf Course) from December to March. We teach both types of cross country skiing - classic and skate (focusing on skate for new skiers) and Saturday practices end with games.

  • North America (USA, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario) is for skiers who are brand new to the program. Skiers starting in USA spend two seasons in North America. Except for our youngest USA skiers (age 7), North American skiers practice Wednesday evenings in addition to Saturday mornings.
  • Western Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany) is for returning skiers who want to improve their recreational skiing. Western Europe skiers practice Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

  • Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway) is for returning skiers who want to improve their skiing and focus on racing. Typically they ski three times each week, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.