Information for EMXC Youth Coaches

Whether you are a seasoned cross-country ski coach, or this is your first foray into coaching this great sport, the below links offer super-useful information and helpful reminders and tutorials.

  • NENSA‚Äôs BKL Resource Page. A wonderful collection of resources, including the newly edited BKL Youth Ski League Manual (a treasure trove of useful information), and links to many helpful videos.
  • EMXC Youth Games Manual. Our home-grown manual of games for Youth practices. Tried and true.
  • Nordic Ski Lab. This is a subscription service with well narrated technique videos for beginners through advanced skiers. There are also FREE videos available, which are geared for beginners, including a wonderful collection of game ideas for coaching children.
  • SkiTube by Skiku. 13 episodes (thus far) from Skiku, an organization that promotes cross country skiing in Alaska. These are fun and well done.

Still hungry for more? Check out these links...