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The EMXC Juniors Program offers training and racing opportunities for athletes ages 14 - 18 who seek to develop as competitive cross-country ski racers. The Juniors Program typically runs from the start of May through the end of March, and is designed to support skiers who are motivated to pursue skiing as a year-round sport. The Juniors Program is built on a belief in ski racing as an educational tool; through skiing, athletes develop the interpersonal skills, work ethic, and fortitude necessary to succeed in their future pursuits. Our program emphasizes the day-to-day fundamentals of training, technique, strength, mindset, and team culture, and the understanding that competitive performance is born from finding joy in the process of diligent work.

Athletes in the Juniors Program live throughout the Greater Boston area and attend a wide range of public and private high schools. Many compete in school sports in the spring and fall, and some also compete for their high school ski teams in the winter. The Juniors Program seeks to support skiers in these pursuits while providing the structure and coaching necessary to integrate outside sports into a year-round ski training model.

The Juniors Program offers dryland training throughout the Greater Boston area, primarily along the Rt 2 and I-90 corridors near I-95. The majority of weekday on-snow sessions take place at the Leo J Martin Ski Track in Weston. In-season racing focuses on NENSA’s Eastern Cup Circuit, and on qualification for Eastern High School Championships and U16 Championships.

Above all else, the Juniors Program strives to develop a community of lifelong athletes and skiers. Many alumni have competed for NCAA Division 1 Ski Teams or USCSA Collegiate Club Teams, and some have raced post-collegiately, including for the US Ski Team. Juniors Program alumni have also had success in other sports, competing for NCAA Division 1 and 3 Running, Field Hockey, and Crew Teams, as well as for the US Rowing National Team.