The Juniors Program runs primarily on volunteer power, with the Head Coach being the only full-time salaried position. Our year-round operations are planned and executed by committees of volunteers. The individuals below make up the leadership team that helps to guide and coordinate these committees:


  • Head Coach: Cate Brams
  • U18 Assistant Coach: Victor Fiofilaktov
  • U16 Assistant Coach: Meg Yoder

Juniors Program Administration

  • Team Manager: Alex Appleby
  • Communications & Website: Brian Burt & Pilar Doughty
  • Registration: Allison Arnold-Rife
  • Treasurer: Emily Butler


  • Tamara Bekefi


  • Mark Doughty


  • C├ęcile Tucker

Training Camps

  • Carren Panico

Training Support

  • Lead position vacant

Wax Team

  • Ben Scirica

Winter Race Support

  • Allison Walton

Safety & Health Committee (Serves both Juniors & Youth Programs)

  • Jonathan Brenner
  • Erin Lake
  • Christina Scirica

It "takes a village" to run EMXC Juniors. If you have not yet volunteered to join a committee, please check out our committee descriptions on our Volunteer webpage.