Pre-Festival Week

February 23, 2024
Pre-Festival Week

This week we gear up for the Festival

Wednesday 2/28 - Skate technique. Come practice your relay tags (Saturday's relay is classic but we are doing skate). USA Festival skiers, please come too. Pre-festival meetings - Parents 7pm, Youth 7:15pm.

Waxing - please be sure you plan for labeling, cleaning, and waxing (and scraping and brushing) your skier's skis here. Our wax tent may be basic, but it is better than outdoors!

Thursday 2/29 - No practice. Packing day. Wax folks will be on hand to help you prep skis from 5-6 (last call for skis is 6pm).

Saturday and Sunday - BKL Festival at Rikert Outdoor Center in Middlebury VT

Staying home? All Club practice on Wednesday (except USA skiers, unless Festival attendees). On Saturday, you and your family can ski at Weston during our regular practice time.