Weekly Training Update 11/28

November 30, 2022
Weekly Training Update 11/28

Great work this weekend up in Craftsbury. It was awesome to get to ski with so many of you, work on technique, and enjoy the snow. I know I can speak for all the coaches when I say that this weekend got me SUPER stoked for the rest of the year of racing and training!

Training Plan

This week will be really easy — focus on getting some rest. Don’t worry about “hitting your planned hours” this week — focus on recovery! If you were “over” your planned hours last week, make sure that you’re “under” the planned number this week, and that you really back off and get some rest. We will not be rollerskiing this week - Wednesday has a forecast of bad weather, and with daylight as it is, there’s not much to work with regardless. Instead, we’ll be doing some grass skiing with plyos. Over the weekend, we’ll have people doing lots of different stuff - Biathlon, Quarry Rd opener, or staying here. As a result, make sure you’re looking at the correct row of the plan when you decide which sessions to do! Sign up for practices you plan to attend at the link in member resources.

World Cup Racing

The World Cup has started!! One of the best, if not THE best ways to improve your skiing technique is by watching people ski who ski really well. This helps us learn to recognize what strong technique looks like, and helps solidify a sense of how we might improve our own technique. Also, watching skiing is really fun and exciting! If you watch ONE race from this past weekend, I’d suggest checking out the women’s 20k skate pursuit. Here’s a link. It’s 52 minutes— and I guarantee it’s more entertaining than whatever 50 minute TV show you might watch in your free time.

Upcoming Races

If you haven’t done so already,please indicate your race schedule on the practice signup spreadsheet. As we talked about at the opening meeting, you should use the following chart as a guideline when deciding how many races to do. More info on making these decisions is here. If you haven’t already, please please talk to your point coach (or at least email them!) to make sure you’re on the same page about your race plan.

Quarry Rd Opener - 12/4

On Saturday, we’ll have the option to race the Quarry Rd opener in Maine. If you are planning to go to the first EC, and you don’t do biathlon, this is probably a good race to attend. If, however, you have been playing a fall sport, you don’t need to do this race. Our goal in doing this race is just to practice the race day process for those who haven’t raced yet this year — aka people who didn’t play fall sports. If you’ve been racing all fall, even in a different sport, and you plan to go to the first Eastern Cup, there’s probably a lot benefit to doing the Quarry Rd race. For those who do want to race — registration can be found here, and more info on the race itself is here. U16s should register for the “High School” race, and U18s/U20s should register for the “Open” race. If you would like a ride, I have space in my car for three athletes— shoot me an email.

That’s all for now! Start your snow dances!