Getting Ready for Spring

May 2, 2023
Getting Ready for Spring

It's that time of year again, and as you're breaking out the dryland training gear for the first time this year, here are some things to keep in mind!

  1. Check your rollerskis. If they're dirty, give them a rinse.
    1. Axles - Make sure your wheels spin as they should, and that the ratchets on your classic skis are working. Make sure that wheels are securely attached to your skis.
    2. Wheels - Check the wear on your wheels. Do they look like little triangles? Are they super worn out? Is the rubber chipping off? If you need new wheels, now is the time to get them.
    3. Shafts - If your skis aren't metal, make sure there are no cracks in the shafts of your skis. Put your skis on and make sure that the shaft is intact.
    4. Forks - Make sure these are attached to the shaft securely.
    5. Bindings - Check that your bindings aren't pulling away from the shaft of the ski, that they open and close as they should, and that the screws are all in place and tightened. Make sure you have BUMPERS for the CORRECT TECHNIQUE on all your skis.
  2. Poles.
    1. Do you have skate and classic poles? Do they fit you? Skate poles should be 87 - 90% of your height in ski boots (pole measured from tip to strap insertion point). Classic poles should be 81 - 83%. It's okay if your poles are a LITTLE long (91% for skate, 84% for classic), but if your skate poles come up to your eyes or your classic poles come up to your chin, it's going to be a problem for your technique.
    2. Change your pole tips using the boiled water method (video here) or the heat gun method (video here). See the Equipment section of the website for info on what pole tips to buy. You can get rollerski tips from from Bikeway Source in Bedford, from the Swix website (see members only section for discount info), from (discount code EMXC2223), and online!
    3. Check to make sure your pole straps fit your hands without big thick winter gloves on. If they're too big, or they're torn, get some straps that fit your hands!
  3. Neon. Make sure your neon shirts or your safety vests are ready to go! See Equipment section for details on what to buy.
  4. Helmet. Make sure your helmet WORKS. Buckle intact, no broken pieces.
  5. Blinky light. If you don't have one, order one online. Doesn't need to be fancy - $5 will get you a light that will work great when we ski in the evening.
  6. Water belt. Make sure the buckle and cap are intact, and that the water reservoir isn't all moldy.
  7. Watch and Heart Rate Strap. Make sure these work! If they don't, now's the time to order a replacement!
  8. Grass skis. Make sure that you've put a layer of wax on these so that they're good to go. Check the bindings, make sure they have bumpers, and that they aren't broken.

Now is a great time to review rollerski safety guidelines as well!