End of Summer Testing

September 28, 2023
End of Summer Testing

The end of summer training culminated in an amazing week of testing. Although it was a hot (and difficult) week, the athletes pushed through to achieve some big goals.

A few highlights from the week:

  • Sam Gallaudet broke a long-standing DP Test record with a 2 second margin and a time of 9:05. The previous record was set by Gavin McEwen in 2015 and had stood for 8 years. Congrats, Sam!

  • Five athletes - Calvin, Nathan, Milo, Abby, and Jasper - solidified PRs in ALL THREE tests during the week. Great work!

  • Many others completed all three tests for the first time, or PRed in 2/3 of the tests.

And, a long-awaited update on Captains. Thank you all for your thoughtful nominations and time spent considering your team leadership! For this season, team captains are:

  • Ethan Butler

  • Nathan Doughty

  • Sarah Kirincich

  • Andrew Krieger

  • Frances Tucker