EMXC Camp Recap

July 10, 2023
EMXC Camp Recap

Last month, 25 EMXC Juniors skiers traveled to Bethel, ME for a team training camp at Gould Academy. The skiers were supported by EMXC coaches Chris, Meg, Cate, Mark, and Nick, as well as Gould Academy coach Jacob Volz. It was a great four days of training, team bonding, and learning!

Some highlights from camp:

Day 1 - Wednesday

We kicked off camp with a run and strength session in the Gould Academy gym. That night, we met in small groups to practice goal setting.

Day 2 - Thursday

We started the day with a long classic ski, interspersed with speed stations focused on different technique and transition areas. It was especially hot in the afternoon, so we cooled off with a fun dip - including an aquatic relay race! - at a nearby spot in Sunday River. In the evening, the captains led a session around mindset in preparation for the next day's intervals.

Day 3- Friday

The hot weather continued Friday morning as we joined Gould juniors in an L3 interval session ending in a long, exposed climb up to the Sunday River ski resort. It was mentally and physically grueling, which helped remind our juniors that they are more than capable of tackling serious terrain!

An afternoon strength session wrapped up Friday's training. And just in case they hadn't done enough, on Friday evening the team had some informal "gym time," featuring bikes, basketball, skateboards, football, scooters, headstands, and more.

Taking advantage of the gym on Friday evening.

Day 4 - Saturday

Jacob took the group up a nearby "mountain" for a short run/hike. Then, the team switched over to classic skis and rolled part or all of the way back to campus! Great combination over distance, and an awesome way to cap off camp.

Some of the team poses for a quick photo at the summit during the running portion of Saturday's combo over distance workout.
Views from the rollerski portion of Saturdays combo over distance workout.
More rollerski views.
Nolan, Matthias, Anneka, and Jo mid-ski.