EMXC comprises three programs: a Youth program for ages 7-14, a Juniors program for ages 14+, and Mass Nordic (a team that represents Massachusetts in regional races, including athletes from outside our program).

EMXC Youth Program Overview

EMXC Youth introduces young skiers to the joys of cross-country skiing through our program of coaching with a low skier-coach ratio and instruction methods developed for young skiers. The club has both racing and non-racing components. Cross-country skiing is a low-impact sport and is great cross-training for runners, soccer players, and other young athletes! No prior cross-country skiing experience is necessary. We train at the Massachusetts DCR Leo J. Martin Ski Track from November until the last snow melts, 1-3 days a week, depending on the skier's age and experience. Returning skiers in certain age groups can also participate in rollerskiing in the summer and fall.

EMXC Junior Program Overview

EMXC Juniors serves high-school aged cross-country skiers who have a passion for cross-country skiing, can commit to year-round training, and demonstrate proficiency in both skate and classic cross-country skiing. EMXC Juniors skiers participate in a variety of cross-country ski races in New England every winter, including the NENSA Eastern Cup series and others. EMXC Juniors provides year-round opportunities for ski training with Saturday rollerski workouts in Littleton (and other locations), double-pole time trials in Concord, hill-bounding in Waltham, running, and strength training. EMXC Juniors also compete in warm weather rollerski races. In many years, some of our Juniors represent New England at the US Junior Nationals competition (JNs).

Mass Nordic Program Overview

The Massachusetts Nordic Program, known as Mass Nordic, represents Massachusetts at the Eastern US U16 Championship and the EHS (Eastern High School) Championship in March, with a separate team for each event. Mass Nordic includes athletes from outside our program.