The BKL (Bill Koch League) Youth Festival March 4th and 5th is a wonderful celebration of skiing. This year’s “North Woods in Winter” themed Festival is set in remote north east Vermont at Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Craftsbury is a wonderful spot to appreciate the beauty and the fragility of our environment, and our sport’s place in it.

NENSA's BKL Festival web page has lots of info:

  • NEBKL Festival - New England Cross Country Skiing (
  • Registration Link
  • Lodging: NENSA and the Craftsbury team have pulled together a great list of lodging information! Because the beauty and simplicity of the local area includes smaller hotels and house rentals, EMXC Youth will not be arranging a team block this year.


Please plan to arrive on Friday evening March 3 and depart on Sunday afternoon March 5. The event schedule is not yet published.

A club dinner for Saturday evening March 4th approximately 5pm to 7pm near Craftsbury is in the works.

Registration Tips:

  • Types of Registration (3): Register for Race Entry by grade for most EMXC skiers. Grades K-1 can choose Lollipop for a very short, untimed race. Nordic Adventure is already included with Race Entry and Lollipop. Nordic Adventure can be great for non-EMXC siblings K-8.

  • DINNER NOTE: We recommend Skipping the pick-up dinner. We are planning a club dinner for Saturday (though the Genny is a great option for other meals!)

  • Consider a Festival hat or headband (optional) (deadline is January 9)

  • Have your NENSA number ready (from club registration in the fall)

  • EMXC website is

  • Our district is EAMA Eastern Massachusetts

  • Our club is EMXC Youth

  • Click both Saturday Skate relay AND Sunday Classic (unless you have discussed otherwise with your EMXC country coach)

  • Shirt size choice. Shirts guaranteed until January 26

  • Prices increase by $15 on February 10

We will be looking for volunteers to help make this a super event for our club. More info to come.